Sunday, 3 March 2019

No to NATO and War
— Yes to Peace and Progress

On March 30, 2019 the Regina Peace Council in Saskatchewan is holding a peace conference and noon rally to condemn NATO and celebrate 70 years of the World Peace Council and affiliated peace organizations. NATO is 70 years old also.

See album of 31 photos of speakers, rally and march.

For more information, call Ed Lehman 306-718-8010 or write Ed said he borrowed their event title from the larger annual event held in Washington D.C. by World Beyond War, and doing it on a Saturday 4 days earlier.

News Updates

— Newspaper

Group of Reginans protest Canada's involvement in NATO,
Regina Leaper-Post, March 31, 2019.

— Radio

'Listen Up', Regina Community Radio, 91.3 FM CJTR, April 2, 2019, 11 a.m. – noon, current events hosted by Dave Morgan. Download 1 hour audio file to play on your computer. The second half of the broadcast, beginning at minute 25 to 54 (move time slider), are 25 minutes of interviews with '... Andre Vltchek, war correspondent: Laura Savinkoff, Canadian Peace Congress & Dave Gehl, Regina Peace Council “Yes to Peace & Progress: No to NATO, War & Aggression”.'

— Ottawa

On March 30 in Ottawa, Canada, a small group braved the weather to call on the Government of Canada to get out of NATO at the time when NATO is celebrating its 70th birthday. I took 40 photos posted here: Say No to NATO. Ken "Kensky" Billings included news on his monthly e-zine: Digileak Canada, April 2019, slides 31+.

— Toronto

Tamara Lorinez, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, reports from Toronto, in solidarity with Regina and Ottawa.

Hello Ottawa friends! Well done protesting NATO in our capital! We were in solidarity with you in Toronto. We had two actions in Toronto: on Wednesday, March 27 we protested the “Women & NATO” conference; and on Saturday, March 30 we had very rainy rally. See 14 photos from March 30, plus all my albums.
In January I began a monthly protest against NATO outside the NATO Association of Canada, 60 Harbour St., Toronto. Join us on April 24, noon to 1 pm.

— Doukhobors

Mae Popoff reports: 'Neither I nor members of the Saskatoon Peace Coalition went to the Regina Peace Conference, though Laura Savinkoff was a speaker. With Regrets but many responsibilities.

Koozma J. Tarasoff replied: 'Sorry to hear that no one from the Doukhobor community went to the "No to NATO" rally in Regina on March 30th. I was hoping that Western Canadian Doukhobors would reinvigorate their peace mission as we did when Peter G. Makaroff and others did in 1964-1965. Think about it! Anticipate the next moment soon....The world needs our voices to help preserve the human civilization on Planet Earth. This means you, me, our children and grandchildren.'

Peace Bill Board

This year the Regina Peace Council will construct their own peace billboard on donated farm land along the highway just outside of Regina. Their major cost will be the large plastic fabric sign, a considerable savings compared to their first sign last year Peace Billboard in Saskatchewan, 6 June 2018.