Saturday, 30 April 2011

Literary Award for Chernovs' Toil and Peace

In April 2010, Vancouver authors Rifet Bahtijaragic (right) and Bill Hoopes published a book about Doukhobors : Chernovs In the Storm of Time, which I reviewed in August 2010.

A year later the book was republished under a new title, Chernovs' Toil and Peace, and honoured as finalist for the 2011 Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize by the British Columbia Book Prize Committee. Below is their award certificate.

In a tribute to the authors, Dr. Glenn D. Paige, founder and President of the Center for Global Nonkilling wrote: 'What a surprise and inspiration to receive your novel Chernovs' Toil and Peace ... You are a pioneer in the nonkilling arts of the 21st century .... A combination of artistic genius of early Tolstoy informed by the spiritual genius of the later Tolstoy could do it. Your work is a harbinger....'

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