Friday, 21 October 2011

Doukhobor Documentaries in New Denver

Doukhobor Documentaries Screening — video and digital media
October 27, 2011 — Thursday — 7 pm.
Bosun Hall, 104 Josephine Street (west of hospital), New Denver, BC

Bosun Hall, 104 Josephine Street, New Denver, BC.

During October 2011 students at the New Denver Lucerne Elementery Secondary Schools (grades 5-12) have been studying and digitally documenting Doukhobors. Their multi-disciplinary project is 'Values of Doukhobor Community: Then and Now.'

The students have been interviewing Doukhobor elders, visited the Doukhobor Village Museum in Castlegar, learning frameworks of historical thinking, and using the Internet to collaborate their work.

Filmmakers have assisted students with podcasts, digital stories, poetry, images and art on a blog to 'co-create meaning and build a greater understanding of the values that underlie the heritage of our Doukhobor community and their contribution to our community and Canada.'

A public screening of their work is announced for Thursday, October 27 at the Bosun Hall, 104 Josephine (across from hospital), New Denver, BC — 7 pm.

From: Doukhobor Documentary, Lucerne Elementery Secondary School Newsletter, October 4, 2011.

After school staff had requested use of photos from, I asked what they were doing. More will be posted when I find out.
Note from Ms. Taylor  —  Oct 20, 2011

…  It has been fascinating to see their engagement in our place-based learning initiative and to witness the heartfelt reception that they have been given by the elders and other Doukhobor community members. In all this week, the students have conducted about eight interviews with Doukhobors from Hills to Castlegar and several points in between. Kindness and graciousness has consistently been granted to our students in all of these interviews as well as in our field trips to the Museum, the Brilliant Cultural Centre and Verigin's Tomb. We did purchase an array of the books and resources at the Doukhobor Village Museum to supplement our library collection.

We shall most definitely keep you posted and will follow up with a short post to add to your blog describing the project, along with some photos of the students working and perhaps some screenshots too.  …

Ms. Terry Taylor, District Principal of Learning,
Principal, Arrow Lakes DL School, SD#10 (Arrow Lakes)

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