Sunday, 9 September 2012

Friends for Peace Award to Koozma

Koozma Tarasoff will be recognized with a Friends for Peace Award on Saturday, September 29, in the Ottawa City Hall rotuna during the 10th annual celebration of Peace Day.

Begining at 11 am, Friends of Peace Day events include a proclamation of Ottawa as a City of Peace, photo and art exhibits, music, dance, panel discussions, exhibits, good food, etc. Three awards will be presented from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm:
  1. Special Award to the late Jack Layton NDP recieved by wife Olivia Chow MP
  2. To June Girvan introduced by Ernie Tannis
  3. To Koozma Tarasoff introduced by Alex Atamanenko MP
These 3 people join a list of peace activists previously awarded — Jean Béliveau, Bruce Cockburn, Ojshigkwanàng - William Commanda, Marion Dewar, Jean Goulet, Max Keeping, Elizabeth May, Hans Sinn, Dave Smith, Daniel Stringer, Murray Thomson, ...

Continuing his life-long peace work as a Doukhobor, Tarasoff has been a volunteer photo journalist, historian and promoter of the organizations sponsoring the annual Ottawa Peace Festival since its inception in 2007. During this 6th year, he plans to cover each of the 17 events. Koozma's daughter, Tamara of Wakefield, Quebec, plans to video the award presentations for posting on the Internet.

Friends of Peace Day is one of 17 free events scheduled during the 12-day Ottawa Peace Festival (Sept 21 - Oct 2). This 6th annual festival occures at 14 locations around the capital. Click here for the schedule of events and media release. Click on map ballons and buttons to zoom in on event locations and descriptions. See Koozma's festival history, photos and previous reports.


  1. Koozma, congrats on your receiving the Friends for Peace Award! Regrets I could not be there! You surely deserve it - it seems when there is a peace event, you are there with your camera! My heartfelt "Thank You."

  2. Dear Koozma Ivanovich!
    My sincere congrats on receiving peace award at the 6th Ottawa Peace Festival Sept 29, 2012! I consider you to be the most prominent person of the contemporary time who makes enormous contribution to the culture of Peace on the Earth. And I am proud to have acquantance with you.
    With best wishes of health and success
    Irina Anosova, St. Petersburg, Russia

  3. Dear Koozma

    I wanted to congratulate you on having received the peace award from Friends for Peace this year. I regretfully left before your honouring. I want to personally tell you how much your constant commitment and dedication has been an inspiration to me and now you know it is an inspiration to many others.

    Thank you for being such a good and faithful servant of peace.
    Theresa Dunn, Arnprior, Ontario