Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Artist Donates Paintings for Peace


Visual artist, teacher and counsellor Jennifer 'Lightwolf' Jones of Manotick, Ontario, donated these two paintings to the Canadian Department of Peace Initiative to be sold by Silent Auction in Ottawa by February 28, 2013.

The paintings were created as group Spiritpaintings during the 2011 and 2012 Annual Ottawa Peace Festivals. Eight workshop participants followed a kind of Rorschach inkblot method in which 'the painter lets go of the outcome while being in a meditative state and focuses on a Prayer of Intention for Healing'. The result is an unfolding mystery or a new adventure.

Jennifer Jones, visual artist and healer

For an elaboration of instruction, workshops and exhibitions, see Jones website, especially the Podcast of her interview.

I met the artist at her Spiritpainting Show and Sale held in The Green Door Restaurant, Ottawa, on February 4th, 2013. Here I also met Bosnian filmmaker Vinko Totic who presented an 8-minute film on YouTube showing a demonstration of Jennifer Jones at work. See photos I took of the event.

In watching the YouTube, listening to the Podcast, speaking to the artist and viewing the exhibition, I was intrigued by the Spiritpainting technique in art and healing. Using paper or canvas and water-based paint such as acrylic, Jennifer Jones seeks the inner guide or energy spirit of the unconscious (in her case, it is the wolf, a symbol of power and teacher of enlightenment). Then she holds on to her Intention (prayer or request), as she relaxes and lets this mysterious process manifest itself while she places paint on paper, folds and refolds as needed.

'It's about letting go of your control, your thoughts, your ego, and allowing the Spirit to give you guidance,' she said. The emergent image, usually in bright colours, gives you mysterious beauty and even serves a healing function.

'I'm very glad to help the Canadian Department of Peace Initiative,' she said as she responded to Bill Bhaneja (co-chair of the Ottawa Branch CDPI) who publicly thanked Jennifer Jones for her generous gesture. 'I guess it will become an annual event,' said Jennifer.

Jennifer Jones works regularly 40 hours a week as a professional in a treatment centre in Ottawa. But from her home she has also helped heal clients across the country and even in Australia, for example, by speaking to them by phone. After getting proper rapport, she was able to pick up appropriate vibrations which she then used in producing a healing type of painting which she would sent to her clients. That's clairvoyance in action, as I see it.

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  1. Beautiful... I can't help imagine some of our "leaders" giving her a call.