Sunday, 15 December 2013

A Window On Our Doukhobor Soul — Part 2

Artist İsmet Koyuncu has drawn another version of A Window On Our Doukhobor Soul. The first version, a pastel color, was presented here 3 weeks ago asking for comments. This next version (below) sent today is in pencil, not color.

Vedat is using these images in his Doukhobor documentary film which he would like to present at the USCC May Festival in 2014 if possible. Airfare on Air Canada Vancouver-Ankara is less than $1000 in April.

Again Vedat asks for comments from readers. Write your comment below.

Koozma and I prefer the first version panorama which provides the correct emotion of the day, and the spilled salt and cut bread were interesting artistic statements.
More news from Turkey about Doukhobors.

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