Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Q60: Does God Support the Doukhobors?

From Filip Vanzhov, Salmo, British Columbia

I had an odd thought pop into my head.
Is there any evidence that God supports the Doukhobors?
I am reading the Bible for the first time which has prompted this question.


By rejecting the Bible, the icons, the priests, and the church itself, Doukhobors saw God in a different way. God is within us and is manifested with the notion of love, compassion, and beauty. These qualities are expressed in our behaviour to others, as displayed symbolically in 'Bread-Salt-Water,' and no Bible.

God is love. God is wisdom. God is man and woman. Doing good to others is evidence enough that the spirit of God operates in each of us. All else is speculation.



  1. Well said Koozma! Brief and to the point.
    My hope would be that Mr Vanzhov (in addition to reading the Bible) will look into the historical background of how the two books of the Bible came to be written and try to understand the context of its violence and misogyny as well as its wisdom.

  2. Koozma, I loved your brief response to the God issue.

  3. See translation of Valery Kalmykov comment at