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Q63: Canada-Russia-Ukraine Dialogue?

From: Marguerite Marlin, Montreal, Quebec, August 26, 2014

I was encouraged to see that at the People's Social Forum in Ottawa this month there was some talk about reviving some grassroots, antiwar counter-balances to what was formerly Cold War foreign policy in Canada, since Canada's foreign policy regarding Russia is beginning to resemble that again. As the official lines of dialogue close ever more between Russia and Canada, it will be that much more important to keep exchanges between our own citizens and our friends in Russia and Ukraine strong and vibrant.

Do let me know of any initiatives or groups that have sprung up for this purpose of maintaining peaceful dialogue between peoples (from the Doukhobor communities or in general) and I will be a happy participant.

(Ms. Marlin is a Political Science PhD candidate and instructor at McMaster University.)


At this moment, I do not know of any international effort for peaceful dialogue between people living in Canada, Ukraine and Russia. There is much discussion within each separate country. I invite readers to respond.

Ms. Marlin is referring to the People's Social Forum Program, University of Ottawa, August 21-24, 2014. There were 2 International theme sessions about Canada's role with Russia and Ukraine. The second session presentations below are online.

A Doukhobor woman from Nelson, BC, attended the Forum, and in her published report mentions that she was at both sessions below. ('The People's Forum: A Choreography of Resistance,' by Hannah Hadikin, Iskra #2082, 1 Sept. 2014, pages 31-32; and posted at Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, where she is a National Board Member.)

Building the anti-imperialist peace movement — by Canadian Peace Congress, Cheryl-Anne Carr and Darrell Rankin — Program page 17.

Understanding Canada as part of international imperialism, economics of imperialism, deception about Ukraine, Syria and foreign policy generally, Canada’s role in wars from looting resources to suppressing popular change, and the need for an anti-imperialist peace movement. The workshop will discuss strategies to get Canada out of the NATO military alliance and oppose plans to glorify the First World War.

What is Canada Doing in the Ukraine and What Should the Peace Movement Do About It? — by NOWAR-PAIX. David Mandel, Roger Annis — Program page 30.

The panel will present an analysis of the situation in the Ukraine, Canada’s role in it, and the serious nature of the situation. The issue to be discussed is: What can the peace and antiwar movement do to counter the Government of Canada’s aggressive posture toward Russia, and oppose its contributions to a NATO military mobilization in Eastern Europe?
More about the forum.

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