Sunday, 19 June 2016

Canada — Stop Aggression Abroad !

Introduction: According to a report by Lee Berthiaume 'Canada courted as Russian bulwark' in National Post, published in Ottawa Citizen, June 18, 2016, page NP5:
'Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan met this week with Latvian and Norwegian counterparts in Brussels. Norwegian officials say no decision has been made whether the country will contribute troops alongside Canada. Similarly, Sajjan's office says the government is "actively exploring options" to help NATO.'
NATO aggression in encircling the Russian Federation, playing war games, and demonizing it 'as an aggressor' is a dangerous game in a nuclear world. To avert Canada from being complicit in this war, I felt a need to send a personal letter to Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada.

By Mike Peters. Mother Goose and Grimm, 2016-06-12, Image Number: 143737.
Transformative fair use: A nuclear war means end of the world.

The Letter (June 18, 2016)

Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada
House of Commons

Dear Prime Minister,

I am writing this on behalf of my children, grandchildren and other children of the world (including yours). Wars are not healthy around the world. According to international law, wars are genocidal especially in invading weaker nations without legal reasons, as has been done and is being done by USA dominated NATO in many countries of Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Presently NATO is trying to persuade Canada to be an active part of its alliance from the Baltic to the Black Sea. Prime Minister, please STOP THIS AGGRESSION.

This uncivilized behaviour is liable to get Canada being taken to the International Court of Justice in The Hague. Prominent scholars and filmmakers such as Stephen S. Cohen, Noam Chomsky, Johan Galtung and John Pilger are very concerned that this NATO-led escalation is threatening world peace. In a nuclear age, this is suicide.

Canada should 'keep its nose clean' by staying out of this conflict and urging nations to focus on bridge-building (such as with the current space program), honest negotiations, peace-making and nonkilling.

I am appalled that the Canadian government last September hosted President Petro Poroshenko of Ukraine who today has ordered the killing of its Russian citizens in the Ukraine. This is double standard that is not acceptable in a peaceful world. As a citizen of Canada, I urge you and your cabinet to immediately STOP BEING A PARTY TO THE COLD WAR IN EASTERN EUROPE! Bring your troops home.

In search of truth and a nonkilling solution,


Koozma J. Tarasoff
Ottawa, Ontario



  1. Thank you for this letter, you speak also for my family and friends here in BC. Let us hope reason prevails.

  2. Good letter, Koozma. I'd rather have Justin Trudeau as president of the US than either Clinton or Trump.

  3. Douglas Roche, Edmonton, Alberta19 June 2016 at 19:44


    I would like to commend you for your action. It is unbelievable what is going on.

  4. Ken Bilsky, Ottawa, Ontario19 June 2016 at 19:49

    Great letter Koozma. The NATO actions are to say the least disastrous, criminal and pushes the doomsday clock even closer to midnight.
    Nuclear war is a real possibility when the USA puts warheads along the Russian border. Madness.

    Peace and solidarity,

  5. Andrew Donskov, Ottawa19 June 2016 at 21:22

    Dear Koozma!
    You are a brave, courageous man, who has spent many decades promoting peace, love, kindness, and objectivity among various parties, and countries. Trudeau should appoint you Minister of Peace.
    Never stop, Koozma; all our politicians should follow your beliefs.

  6. Ivaylo Grouev, Ottawa, Ontario19 June 2016 at 21:27

    Very good Koozma, short and sweet!

  7. Mr. Justin Trudeau is not an independent politician. As Canada is not an independent state. Everything will be ordered from the White House, everything will be done by the canadian government. Will say, Sniff a rose, will smell the roses. The team: to declare war, Zimbabwe will declare war. Do not be naive.