Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Kamsack dom sold for yoga

184 Queen Elizabeth Blvd.

The Independent Doukhobor dom [meeting hall] in Kamsack, Saskatchewan, is being sold this month, March 2017, which is about 62 years since it was constructed. Satellite map.

The sale was expected to be final this week, said Fred Konkin of Pelly, chair of the society.

Val Ritchie from Yorkton is buying the building where she will be holding her yoga classes in Kamsack.
Konkin cited an aging congregation, now numbering fewer than 20, and the rising costs of maintaining such a building. He said the building had been kept up through membership fees and donations.

'The Kamsack Society of Independent Doukhobors will continue, much like they do in Benito and Pelly, we just won’t have a building,' he said, adding that members will be using other Doukhobor meeting halls, most likely the one in Veregin for meetings services, at the National Doukhobor Heritage Village, 8 miles west.

Konkin explained that the building has been emptied of its effects, such as pictures, and were moved to Veregin. 'It’s sad,' said Lydia Cherkas, a member. 'Our forefathers were active and Doukhobor families spread all over Canada. The belief remains, but the numbers are dwindling.'

A 60th anniversary was celebrated here on December 13, 2015, when Mike Chutskoff of Kamsack, the only living member of the society who had volunteered time during the construction of the building, had the honour of cutting an anniversary cake.

'The Society of Doukhobors of Kamsack and District opened its new [meeting hall], valued at $15,000 in an impressive but brief opening ceremony on June 22, 1955,' said an item in the Kamsack Times. The ceremonies climaxed more than 11 months of toil by volunteer labourers and a final rush week of putting the finishing touches to a project which had been conceived 42 months earlier, it said. The opening began with a ... meeting service led by N.W. Cazakoff and emcee for the event had been William Chutskoff, chair of the building committee.

Edited from: Kamsack Doukhobor Society sells its prayer home, Kamsack Times, March 20, 2017.

Koozma: I object to the word 'prayer' used 7 times in this article. Q44: 'Community Centre' or 'Prayer House'? Do Doukhobors meet in a 'Community/ Cultural Centre' or 'Prayer House'?

Also see: Doukhobors celebrate 60th anniversary of Kamsack Prayer HomeKamsack Times, January 12, 2016.


  1. As for prayer, so for 'services'. Who and what were they servicing? Doukhobors dispensed with 'services' and other ceremonial rituals early in their history. Perhaps some prayers were recited.
    Some note of disposal of funds would be useful.
    Sad to see this, but it is a sign of the times in our D community.

  2. Elmer Verigin, Castlegar, BC24 March 2017 at 08:18

    Yes I heard the sad story of the pending sale last summer
    So we have statistics now:
    1. Benito
    2. Pelly
    3. Canora
    4. Kamsack
    5. Langham
    6. Grand Forks (pending)
    That is the way it is

  3. Nadya Tarasoff, Baysville, Ontario24 March 2017 at 08:22

    Thank you for the post. I was inside the building only once, for the funeral of a friend's little sister. For some reason or other Dad preferred the Community Hall and never approved the building of the Dom.