Friday, 21 April 2017

      ‘Canada Should Get Out of NATO’

Submitted by Ingrid Style, Quebec

The case against war in a nutshell was posted in this 2015 Scientific American blog by John Horgan. The collateral killing of kids and civilians exceeds perceived enemy deaths, and the financial cost is enormous, robbing society of food, shelter and life.

Those ‘glorious’ ‘justified’ wars my generation was brought up on, celebrated by Kipling, and Buchan, were represented as men fighting ‘for love of king and country’. At the time of the first world war, the death of children wasn’t even considered. The thing was pictured a bit like a sporting event. Two armies bravely duking it out on the battlefield.

By Alexey Talimonov, Russia. 

This changed with the 1940s bombing of Dresden and London. But the violence was still romanticised by Hemingway and Mailer and Hollywood.

Today, children are victims not only of bombings, but forced to take part in the carnage. Countless more will die from malnutrition and disease.

And that doesn’t take into account the healthcare, nutrition and education they are deprived of because of $16 million bombs being tossed around like confetti.

We all know this. Why don’t we act?

Rather than pay more money to the American war machine, Canada should get out of NATO.

This evil game must CAN be done!
World Beyond

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  1. You've got my vote Ingrid...I'm already against the next war...Kenskyman, DigileakCanada

  2. This is one issue where I am behind you 100%! That sable-rattling NATO is always trying to stir up trouble through its henchmen in Scandinavian countries. Look what they have achieved in Turkey.
    For Canada it does not make any sense at all to be a member of NATO. Canada needs no protection from NATO and is just wasting money and resources being a member of this organization and might even be dragged into a war it would not wish to enter. Yes, Justin, come to your senses and get us out of NATO!
    Gunter Schaarschmidt, Sidney BC

  3. Jacob Rempel, Vancouver, BC23 April 2017 at 12:06

    Rt.Hon.JustinTrudeau,Prime Minister:
    Not one of the victim countries has attacked
    Canada or the USA. We must agree that the
    U.S. Regime, also Canada and our military
    industries, support U.S. wars. Canada like
    United States is an illegal aggressor as a
    belligerent in all the contemporary wars.
    Victim nations can take Canada to World
    Court in The Hague, and why not? What
    happens now to Canada's commitment to
    UN ideals, to peace making, peace keeping?
    --Jacob Rempel

  4. Theresa Dunn, Arnprior, Ontario22 July 2017 at 08:46

    Hi Koozma Since I was perusing your web site I finally read a couple of your articles. The role of NATO greatly concerns me. It is a bastion of maintaining a status quo that gave us global colonization that has been so deeply destructive. To say it has provided the world with security is ludicrous. How to begin to unravel its tight rein is an important goal. I believe first we need to design a truly impartial organization interested and autonomous enough to represent the interests of all country members. United Nations is constantly overridden by the NATO powers and Russia. Secondly, generate rules that will be equally applied to all nations. I believe the starting point is to compel our country Canada to work to these ends through forming a Department of Peace who will give oversight and preserve the integrity of the desired changes.
    Thank you for your loyal steadfast warrior spirit. Theresa