Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Peace Billboard in Saskatchewan

Messages from Ed Lehman, President Regina Peace Council, Saskatchewan:
  • Photo of our peace billboard, erected May 25, 2018, outside of Qu'Appelle, SK, on the Trans Canada Highway (SK-1), about 55 km (35 miles) east of Regina.
  • Unveiling ceremony to be held at the billboard on Saturday June 16 at 2 p.m.
  • We paid for the east-facing side for one year, seen by west bound traffic.
  • Please forward this news.
Unveiling Ceremony, 16 June 2018
Canada - Act for Peace Not War.
  • Sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
  • No Participation in Ballistic Missile Defense
  • Stop Exporting Weapons of War
  • Oppose Regime Change Militarism
Regina Peace Council
in memory of Peter E. Gehl.

Peter Eric Gehl, 2008
Regina area resident and pacifist Peter Eric Gehl (1952 - 2016) was active in the Regina Peace Council, Regina Peace Quest (co-founder), the Canadian Peace Congress, and Canadians for Peace and Socialism.

PQ Regina Mourns Loss of Peter Gehl, by Ed Lehman, Peace Quest, October 25, 2016.

Lehman wrote: 'The Billboard was done in memory of Peter E. Gehl, a past president of the Regina Peace Council, a national board member of the Canadian Peace Congress, and a co-founder of PeaceQuest Regina. Peter was a life-long worker for peace and social justice.'

When Ed Lehman was asked by phone (June 6) "Why a billboard?", he explained: "To do something different. To get our message to more people. ... To do it more broadly. ... We are normally talking to small groups of people, when when we need to be talking to tens of thousands of people. ... That highway has lots of traffic."

When asked how they chose the message, Lehman said that they deliberated to be as brief as possible, to only post what was important and could be read by a passing vehicle. He added that it was expensive for them, so they paid for only one side, seen by west-bound traffic, for one year from May 25, 2018. They hope to get more exposure during the unveiling on June 16.

Contact Ed Lehman, President Regina Peace Council, 306-718-8010 or

Media Event on Saturday June 16 at 2 p.m.

To get more press coverage, the Regina Peace Council will host an unveiling ceremony next week, on June 16, 2018, at 2 p.m. on the east side of the billboard. Invite yourself and your friends.

From Regina, SK, take SK-1 east about 55 km (35 miles). U-turn back at Highway 35 (not to Qu'Appelle). Go west on SK-1 about 600 metres. It is the only billboard.

In the News

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Peace Billboard Celebrated in Saskatchewan, by Ed Lehman, Peace Quest, June 19, 2018 — The peace dove (1961) art was one of several by Pablo Picasso, who was a 1950s promotor of the World Peace Council.

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Billboard for Peace, Peace Alliance Winnipeg, Saskatchwan, May 27, 2018.


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  1. Thank you so much Andrei and Koozma. I also should have mentioned that peace billboards have been erected in parts of the US recently. We hope ours in rural Saskatchewan will inspire other peace workers to do the same across Canada.

  2. Peace Billboard Celebrated - June 16/18 - Qu'Appelle, Sk.
    David Gehl, brother of Peter and himself a leading peace activist, talked about being on Treaty 4 land and how General Middleton had disembarked here on the way to put down the resistance of 1885. Gehl discussed the messages on the board and the beautiful peace dove it displays.

    Gehl pointed out that many Canadians do not realize our country is not pursuing a policy of peace. Thus the main slogan Canada - Act For Peace Not War. Gehl explained that a major danger to the world today is the threat of the use of nuclear weapons; thus the slogans Sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, and No Participation in Ballistic Missile Defence. Gehl referred to Canadian made armaments being used in Yemen and the slogan Stop Exporting Weapons of War. Gehl singled out Canada's participation in attempts with the US to upset a number of governments around the world and the final slogan Oppose Regime-Change Militarism.

    Gehl reported that space did not permit the use of other important slogans: End Glorification of War and Violence, Reduce Military Spending; Fight Climate Change Not War; and Fund Human Needs Not War.

    Gehl mentioned that the peace dove on the mural was one of Pablo Picasso's and that Picasso had been a leader with the World Peace Council.

    Gehl paid tribute to his elder brother, Peter, who had been an activist with the Regina Peace Council, a founder of PeaceQuest Regina in 2014, a long-time editor of Saskatchewan Peace News, and a member of the executive of the Canadian Peace Congress.

    By Ed Lehman, activist with Regina Peace Council and PeaceQuest Regina.

  3. Andrei Conovaloff, Arizona25 June 2018 at 14:43

    I recommend a much cheaper and more effective sign strategy : Burma Shave signs
    Put many small signs on donated private property on each side of SK-1 on both sides of Regina, and other towns
    Space the signs about 100 paces (walking steps) apart.
    Your cost for many small signs is less than 1 big billboard, and your reach is far greater.
    Drivers can more easily read each sign of 1 line in sequence.
    Small simple signs closer to the road are easier to see.
    You can shorten, reorder or lengthen the message.
    Canada - Act for Peace Not War.
    Sign the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons Treaty
    No Ballistic Missiles
    Stop Exporting War Weapons
    Oppose Regime Change Militarism
    End Glorification of War and Violence
    Reduce Military Spending
    Fight Climate Change Not War
    Fund Human Needs Not War
    Canada - Act for Peace Not War.

  4. Thank you Andrei. We are now planning to use your suggested strategy of using small signs; our challenge is to find the land we need to put the signs on. We greatly appreciate the support Spirit-Wrestlers have given to us. Ed Lehman, Regina Peace Council.