Saturday, 9 January 2021

Defunding the Myths and Cults of Cold War Canada, by Richard Sanders

I met Richard Sanders about 40 years ago at a peace rally in Ottawa, and we remained friends. Like me, he opposed war, attended rallies, and studied anthropology. He founded the Coalition Against Arms Trade (COAT) and maintains the website which I read. He aims to educate us how the roots of war are perpetuated today.

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Richard Sanders illustrated himself.

Richard says: ‘In this 64-page exposé (with 600+ footnotes) I have documented the 70-year history of collaboration of the Canadian government (and the corporate media) with pro-NATO, East European émigré groups that killed millions of innocent people.

I show that the ethno-nationalist cult founders, leaders and heroes include: 

Almost half of my report is now available online

To receive a free sample copy of Press for Conversion in the mail, send your street address in Canada to:, or in Facebook

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  1. Thanks Koozma. I appreciate your kind words of support for my efforts. Together we struggle to expose the often embarrassing cultural histories that powerful elites would rather not have publicly known.

    Best wishes to you and everyone else who is working for peace and a more just world. It ain't easy sometimes and we have to retain a positive attitude and some humour.

    Thanks also for juxtaposing that photo of me and the cartoon I did. Just to clarify for your readers who may not know me, I'm the guy -- as usual -- who's on the Left.