Thursday, 20 January 2022

Canada, Get Out of NATO !

On January 18th, 2022, a coalition of Canadian peace groups issued a press release and petition that urgently demands the Canadian government and the public to take immediate action for a peaceful nonkilling settlement with Russia.

About 30 peace groups in Canada formed a joint initiative, led by the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, World Beyond War, the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute, and more, to urge the Government of Canada to take immediate steps to de-escalate and demilitarize Ukraine, and to engage diplomatically in long-term peace and security with Russia, and throughout Europe. 

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      Government of Canada:

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Do your part to stop the Armageddon from happening.


  1. Hans Sinn, Perth, Ontarioi20 January 2022 at 19:51

    Why, Koozma?

    1. This is a good beginning for conversation. NATO (largely controlled by USA) is today the largest threat to world peace. Dismantling the threat will be a game changer for peace.

  2. 2D McLaine, Ottawa, Ontario21 January 2022 at 07:06

    2D McLaine, Ottawa, Ontario. January 21,2022. What are UNIFIER and Operation REASSURANCE?

    1. Click on UNIFIER and Operation REASSURANCE in the story for full official explanation. The first operation is Canada's Armed Forces Mission in support of Ukraine. The second one is support for NATO in Central and Eastern Europe in training locals how to better kill the 'enemy'.

  3. Diana Jewell, Mission, BC26 January 2022 at 20:37

    Propaganda Intensifies

    The hype for the meme, “Russia is ready to invade Ukraine” has reached such a hysterical pitch that today’s Global National TV news devoted a full third of its 30-minute news to this topic. Questions such as “What does Putin have in mind”, along with U.S. and obedient Canada pulling families of diplomats out of Kiev, and showing gloomy underground bunkers gave a ghastly picture of acute danger.

    As for “what does Putin have in mind”, he and Russian spokespeople have repeated that they have no intention of invading Ukraine. The explicit documents recently submitted to the U.S. and NATO spell out what he wants—security for all countries, including his own, which the “collective west, aka NATO/U.S. refuse to acknowledge.

    To compare who has lied, the Russian leadership has never been caught lying, whereas the U.S. does so routinely and repeatedly, with their phony excuses for going to war, pulling out of arms control treaties with no explanation, fabricating baseless accusations against Russia, and especially saying the U.S. and other leaders never promised not to expand NATO “one inch” towards the east. Documents prove this was true. Furthermore, they have never acknowledged or apologized for destroying country after country.

    Who has Russia ever attacked? Not Crimea, as the liars allege. The people of Crimea held a referendum and overwhelmingly voted to return to Russia where they had belonged for centuries. Not a shot was fired. No “invasion”.

    And since the U.S. loves to accuse other countries, (China, Syria, etc.) of “human rights abuses”, why are they supporting the Ukrainian government who is doing exactly that to the peoples of the Donbas? They have tried to stamp out their native language and have attacked and killed thousands of them when they dared to stand up for themselves. Where are their human rights, and why aren’t we crying out about these human rights abuses?

    Since some NATO allies are now backing away from such excesses, the U.S. is applying more pressure by pulling families of diplomats out of Kiev. That seems to be backfiring, as Ukraine itself is now denying that they are in any danger of attack by Russian troops! They are afraid that their whole economy will collapse. The tide seems to be turning. So why is Canada still hanging onto the coattails of the U.S.?

    How long will it take for the world to realize what the US/NATO are doing? The poor Ukrainian people are in bigger danger from the machinations of the Evil Empire than from troops exercising in their own country.

  4. Diana, It is impossible for me to comment, intelligently. I only know what I read in the Globe and Mail. Today, so says the paper, the Ukraine is more threatened by internal destruction than by physical attacks. I read your comments with interest and will add them to my meagre knowledge of the situation.

  5. Dear Ombudsman Nagler,
    As a Canadian, I am very concerned that the CBC, the country's public broadcaster, has provided very
    biased and unbalanced coverage of the Ukraine crisis. The CBC has hosted many more Ukrainian, pro-
    NATO and anti-Russian guests who have advocated for more weapons to Ukraine and have portrayed
    Russia as the aggressor. The CBC has not given equal air time to Russian officials or to alternative peace
    perspectives who are critical of NATO expansion and the Canadian military in Ukraine and Eastern
    Europe. The poor, biased reporting is misinforming Canadians. Worse, it is fanning the flames of war and
    increasing insecurity in the region and risking the lives of Ukrainians.
    See the complete letter in link:

    1. From webmaster:
      Lorincz's link above to her letter does not work.
      Use this link:

      Also see another post regarding her letter:
      'Reader faults CBC’s unfair coverage of Ukraine crisis', Peace Quest, 27 January 2022

  6. As a person living south of the border it is hard to avoid the war fever being whipped up. I notice that the Maidan Coup is referred to as the Maidan “Revolution.” In other words American involvement doesn’t count.

  7. This needs to now be deleted. Russia has shown itself to be in Putin's evil control. NATO is all that saves other countries from Russia's genocide. Russia must surrender, confess its rapes and war crimes. Putin needs to be deposed. Russia is an evil enemy of the world.

    1. We need to stop demonizing Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation without proof. Russia is not the enemy of the world, but a friendly neighbour wanting to be safe from being attacked by outsiders and contributing to the health of a world community.