Sunday, 14 August 2011

800 Loaves of Doukhobor Bread Sold / Day

Sign on bakery roof. 

Up to 40 people waited in line at the Saskatoon Exhibition this year to buy fresh, hot "Doukhobor Bread" — now a brand name in Saskatchewan. All week, the aroma of the wood fire and bread yeast permeates the air at the Prairieland Park midway as shifts of Doukhobor volunteers toil morning to midnight to raise funds for charity.

Brand Name : "Doukhobor Bread"
Mae Popoff, a board member of the Saskatoon Doukhobor Society and newsleter editor, reports: 'I just returned from my 4 pm to midnight shift baking bread at the Exhibition. The line ups for bread were incredible!!!! I counted at least 40 at one time. Every year, people take the large, wood-fired loaves out of the Ex grounds by the twos, threes and eights.

'The volunteers who run the booth bake about 800 loaves a day the old fashioned way, in a nod to tradition and Saskatchewan's Doukhobor farming heritage.'

Doukhobor Bread is served hot from the wood brick oven, by the loaf ($6.50) or slice ($1.50). Jam and butter are provided.

Isabelle Strelioff, SDS Treasurer, kneading dough.

The local newspaper rates "Doukhobor Bread" #2 in their Saturday list of things to do. ('Finding Sask. at the Ex: Three things to catch at the Ex,' The Star-Phoenix, Aug. 13, 2011)
  1. Spudnuts
  2. Doukhobor Bread
  3. Raffles
Doukhobor Bread has been fire-baked and sold in Saskatoon and Verigin for about 55 years.

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