Sunday, 14 August 2011

Georgia Doukhobor Photos Win 3rd Place at International Competition in Italy

Italian documentary photographer Agnes Montanari has been photographing Doukhobors in Georgia for several years. She entered 5 of her many Doukhobor images in immagini dal mondo_classificati 2009, an international "Chatwin Price" photo competition of travel reportage, held November 2009 in Genoa, Italy. "The Doukhobors of Georgia" photos were awarded 3rd place.

Among her many interests are social issues, women, refugees, minorities. Some photos of Doukhbors in Gerogia were published in 'The minorities of Georgia', European Centre for Minorities Issues, 2011.

See 36 quality photos with captions by Agnes Montanari displayed online — The Last of the Doukhobors.

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  1. I often mention my encounter with the Dukhobor community of Georgia to friends as it has left a permanent sign on my life. I will always be grateful for the hospitality and the kindness with which I have been welcomed.

    I am trying to publish this work again. One aspect that is very interesting is the respect and equality that exist among men and women. I would very much like to be able to develop more this aspect among others as I think it is one of the very few religions in the world that promotes such a principle.

  2. When you show your photos of the 'Last of the Doukhobors in Georgia' to an interested audience, do you have a chance to share their history: why they ended up in (what we know as present day) Georgia (and also near present day Kars, Turkey) in the mid-1800's, and why they burned their firearms at three locations on the same night in 1895? Do you tell your audience that many Doukhobors were persecuted for their beliefs after the burning of the arms in 1895, and that because of the help of Leo Tolstoy, many thousands sought refuge in Canada? The Doukhobors' message and legacy of non-violence and peace is very important for the world today.

  3. Indeed, the full story of this momentous event is found on my Spirit-Wrestlers website posted 23 Jun 2009 — Historic 1895 Burning of Guns Descriptions: Selections and translations. It was an event to remember. I do not know if Agnes Montanari tells the story during her photo exhibits.