Wednesday, 22 October 2014

New Russian website: Doukhobor.RU

Doukhobors: a historical-genealogical archive

A new website was launched in Russian by Valerii Kalmykov on October 1st, 2014 —

There are sections in-progress for News, History, Library, Search, DNA, Forum, Photo, Video, Audio, and a Blog. The "News" link shows "what's new" — a chronology of additions.

Kalmykov will publish "... family lists for 1840-1845-1853-1873-1886-1897-1932-1947 about Doukhobors in Russia and in the Caucasus — more than 5,000 documents that have never been made ​​public."

His mission statement says: "… each person ... will be aware of themselves as part of one small but very important part of the history of his family."

He recently visited Doukhobors in Georgia and shows photos of the farm and in the home of his host Ivan Kazakov.

His library starts with the earliest extensive documentation of Doukhobors by Orest Novitsky in 1832 and will include other books he has scanned.

The video section appears to have 3 test videos. The first 2 are a popular, about Russian drivers:
"What to do when a neighbor down the road is acting aggressively?" The third, "Rolik" ("roller"), is a 2-second segment taken in Georgia. Expect these to be replaced with other videos.

In the past, he contributed several items to
Kalmykov's story is one of 32 (so far) biographies in-progress for Koozma's next book: Spirit Wrestlers: Doukhobor Pioneers and their Friends, an update of Tarasoff's 2002 book.

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  1. Lawrence Klippenstein, Steinbach, Manitoba4 November 2014 at 13:24

    Thanks much for your blog notes. I preached on peace this past Sunday and was working with some of your materials in preparing for that. Interesting to see your new history of the group coming up. Keep it up! We are doing a seminar on Mennonites coming to Russia to beheld on Nov. 15. I am sending a separate email on that.