Monday, 3 November 2014

Next Book Presented

Why I Wrote My Book on Spirit Wrestlers / Doukhobors? was my presentation to 39 people at ‘Arts Night’ in Ottawa on Friday evening October 31st, 2014.

The event was a monthly public educational meeting organized by a local artist for guest artists in literature, visual and music. I was the first of three speakers, each given up to half an hour to present and answer questions. It was a fun and educational experience with a diverse group.

I used my time to educate the audience about Doukhobors, talk about my last book and the next book in-progress — Spirit-Wrestlers: Doukhobor Pioneers and their Friends (2016).

I was pleased that most of the audience had heard of Doukhobors, and three gave rather accurate descriptions. I wanted to deliver what I thought were the most important aspects of the Doukhobor movement before I talked about writing. To save time, I prepared a one-page handout.

I wrote the book for 3 reasons: biographies (our people), misinformation (misconceptions, myths), and posterity (next generations).

I gave summaries of 5 Doukhobors as sample biographies from my 2002 book and the update book in-progress. They are: Peter Oglow (1913 - 2004), Nick Troubetzkoy, Kim Kanigan, Jim Deacove, and Elaine and Alfred Podovinikoff. Then I covered two misconceptions, and finished with a case for nurturing and educating our children towards a nonkilling society. We had time for 7 questions, added to the end of my text.

Read the text of my presentation and questions, and click on the images to see what was projected on the large screen. At the end is the handout. And here are 21 photos of this Arts Night.


  1. Mony and Alberto, Ottawa4 November 2014 at 13:20

    Sorry we missed your presentation, Koozma… it sounds like you had a great turnout and much interest. The photos are great, especially the one of you alone… very luminous!

  2. Elisabeth Morrison, Ottawa, Ontario4 November 2014 at 20:56

    Thank you for your great contribution to the evening and for so patiently answering all the questions. It was wonderful how you were able to hold us spellbound with the biographies of some of the great Doukhobors and how you timed your presentation to the short time allowed. It must have been a difficult task when you have so much to tell.
    Many thanks also to Kristina who graciously showed the slides.

    I wish you much success in all your endeavours and I have learnt from you that being discouraged does not lead anywhere!

  3. Malvina Grant and Nedko, Ottawa, Ontario4 November 2014 at 21:00

    The pleasure of coming to your presentation was all ours! I thought I knew a lot about the Doukhobors, but guess what: I learned so many new things and I enjoyed the rest of the presentations, particularly the singer, what a sweet lady with a sweet, sweet voice and her husband was very professional, too.
    We thank you for the pictures. We don't see each other very often, so I can tell you this: you do not look or act a day older than the day met you, and that was a long time ago! Bravo, you are an inspiration for us!

  4. Jolanta Kania, Ottawa, Ontario12 November 2014 at 21:14

    What a fascinating read- the history of you and your people ! I missed the evening, unfortunately, but I was able to catch up by reading the story in /on your blog. Congratulation Koozma. The story is very inspiring , touches the roots of a mature community.
    I will inform the Polish group about your blog, the latest article and the Arts Night.
    Peace. All the best.