Sunday, 9 August 2015

Hijacking Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Killing people is a crime. But killing people indiscriminately, as was done in Hiroshima and Nagasaki 70-years ago, is a crime against humanity. This is an example of brain-washing using war mentality as an excuse for 'profit, democracy and freedom'. As people of conscience, we need to start learning the truth of history about the corporate hijacking of liberal democracy by an arrogant and greedy ruling elite who are threatening our civilization.

War is an outdated solution to diversity in our society. There are no winners in war. Wisdom people remind us that the road to peace is peace.

The alternative to a world-wide holocaust can be found in the teachings of love and the persistence of the human spirit. Not only must we stop nuclear wars, but we must say NO to all wars. A NONKILLING APPROACH is the way of the future.

2053+ nuclear explosions occurred since 1945. Explosion data was animated with sound to show the location and date of event on a world map (14:24 min video). Explosion counts appear at bottom right in red, date (month, year) upper right, country counts appear with flags. Be sure your computer sound is "on" to hear each bomb beep. After minute 3 (1954) nuclear bomb testing increases. After the 1963 Partial Test Ban Treaty (minute 5, bomb count 600), testing continued 1450+ times underground. Best viewed full screen at YouTube.

The data shown animated above can be seen on one map: Nuclear Explosions Since 1945. Source data with more graphs: Nuclear Explosions 1945-1998.

To wean people from militarism to the new paradigm of nonkilling, here are 10 steps as presented by Medea Benjamin for bringing about peace in a US foreign policy context:
  1. Reduce military spending by building a peace economy.
  2. Expand the use of diplomacy.
  3. Abide by international law. No unauthorized wars.
  4. Work toward a nuclear-free, peaceful world.
  5. Promote women in peacemaking.
  6. Close overseas military bases.
  7. Observe US laws prohibiting the sale of weapons to human rights violators.
  8. End the militarization of police departments and borders.
  9. Stop illegal detention of prisoners in Guantanamo and elsewhere, hold torturers accountable.
  10. Respect whistle blowers and our privacy.
With election season upon us, it is a good time to let people running for office know that we in North America (including Canada!) would be safer and more prosperous if we stopped seeking enemies overseas and instead focused on building a peaceful nonkilling foreign policy and a peace-oriented domestic economy.

In summary, let's cease being brain-washed fearful hijackers of the war machine and its greedy corporate profiteers and take responsibility in being real moral peacemakers of human life and the environment.

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  1. По бомбежке Хиросимы и Нагасаки, необходимо создание международного трибунала о массовом убийстве мирных граждан Японии и о неадекватном применении силы.

    1. Translation Russian to English10 August 2015 at 20:11

      Translate: On bombardment of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the creation of the international tribunal about the massacre of peace citizens of Japan and about the use of force is necessary.

  2. Ответ Медеи:
    1. Reduce military spending by building a peace economy.
    В мировой глобальной экономике поддержание высоких военных расходов позволяет США контролировать эту самую экономику. Пока весь мир обслуживает национальный долг США и транснациональные компании поддерживают общий уровень экономики мира, военные расходы будут расти, чтобы обеспечить стабильность этого мыльного пузыря.
    2. Expand the use of diplomacy.
    Вся внешняя дипломатия США – это дипломатия силы.
    3. Abide by international law. No unauthorized wars.
    ООН необходимо принять всего один пункт устава ООН: «Любое применение силы и военных действий страны на территории другого государства без объявлении войны или разрешения СБ ООН, автоматически определяет эту страну как агрессора и государственного террориста»
    4. Work toward a nuclear-free, peaceful world.
    Следует прекратить запугивание Россия, в том числе положить конец расширению НАТО на своих границах и удаление системы противоракетной обороны в Европе.
    5. Promote women in peacemaking
    Это не более чем пропаганда феминизации.
    6. Close overseas military bases.
    Читайте пунк 1.

  3. Peter Biesterfeld, Toronto, Ontario10 August 2015 at 06:10

    Thank you Koozma for the heads-up and for your tireless efforts on behalf of world peace. Let's hope after the election a new coalition and collaborative government will lead Canada out of the warmongering wilderness Harper has us mired us in.

    Best to you and yours.


  4. Lawrence Klippenstein, Winnipeg, Manitoba12 August 2015 at 06:55

    I have noted the Hiroshima anniversary. No one seems to want to touch the criminality of the event. It seems immune from criticism at that level. Why? We have a local committee at our museum working on setting up a major monument memorializing the peace emphasis. Moving along slowly. Economic factors are big in the proposals. We shall see how it goes. Thanks for the reminder. I am trying to finish my book on the theme.

  5. A thought provoking posting on Hiroshima with excellent supporting references.

  6. Regretfully, our ever smiling new prime minister and his government continue the close alliance with the war-making US Regime and NATO provocation toward the new Russia and the Putin government.

    Thank you, Koozma,for you continued activism.--Jacob Rempel (P.S. I remember you from our years at the UofS in Saskatoon. I am now in Vancouver)