Thursday, 23 June 2016

Doukhobor Peace Day 2016

Message to the 121st Commemoration of the Doukhobor Peace Day

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Spirit,

Although we the Doukhobors do not venerate saints, the Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul on June 29th (Old Style), July 12 (New Style) has traditionally been a day of celebration for us.

Since 1895, this date has acquired a new significance as a commemoration of the Burning of Arms, the Doukhobors’ destruction of their weapons, as a symbol of our refusal to participate in state-sponsored killing. It is now celebrated by our descendants as simply the Doukhobor Peace Day or originally as ‘Peter’s Day’.

As we celebrate this 121st year of this historic event which transformed us from a sect to a social movement, let us rededicate our commitment to the the spirit of love, beauty and God within all of us.

We gather today at a time when the Cold War is warming up in our world and nuclear annihilation is again a threat. As Spirit Wrestlers (Doukhobors), we need to renew our appeal to our conscience and heart and speak up for the creation of a nonkilling world. We owe this to our children, grandchildren, and to all members of the human family.

As we sing today, let’s raise our voice for humanity: ‘Leaders of the world, wake up before it is too late. The way to peace is nonkilling peace.’

My well wishes to all,
Koozma J. Tarasoff
Ottawa, Canada

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  1. "...the Cold War is warming up in our world", Koozma Tarasoff said very exactly in his post. The –°old War in the relations, not just diplomatic, has a fiery internal background and sooner or later can lead to a serious defeat. To overcome the selfish goals, desires and emotions, to develop the personal spirituality, the art of dialogue and cooperation are the most important tasks for modern officials and all the people who want happiness for themselves and their children. Keep peaceful spirit and thousands of people will be saved with you, said Russian Saint Seraphim of Sarov. Welcome 121 years of St. Peter's day and the Spirit Wrestlers'peacemaking initiatives!