Saturday, 2 July 2016

Appeal: No to War. No to NATO

At the brink of a NATO summit in Europe (8–9 July 2016, Warsaw, Poland) there is an urgent Appeal to the international peace movement to oppose this meeting and its sable-rattling rhetoric. Following US President Barack Obama's visit to Canada on June 29th, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau caved in to Obama's plea to go to the Warsaw meeting in Europe and lead a combat mission in Latvia on Russia's border. That action is threatening world peace and making us become accomplices to the terrorism of war.

Shame on Prime Minister Trudeau for abandoning his election promises to work for a peaceful world.

The Appeal is one that Canadian peace groups could readily support. We have to act quickly. Contact your Member of Parliament and support the views of sanity for a new world order that is safe for our children and our grandchildren. Stop supporting criminal corporate-neocon-fascists who have a big appetite to make blood money from war.

William J. Perry, former Secretary of Defence in the Clinton administration, says that the danger of some sort of nuclear catastrophe today is greater than it was during the Cold War and most people are blissfully unaware of this danger.'

The detonation of even a single nuclear bomb today could destroy our way of life.

Appeal to the International Peace Movement

In the interest of peace — participate in the protests of the international network “No to War — No to NATO” against NATO’s summit taking place from July 8th until July 10th, 2016, in Warsaw.

We protest for
  • the end of confrontation with Russia! No troops and maneuvers at Russia’s Western border;
  • no further armament in the NATO member states! It can only be financed by sharply reducing spending on education, health care and social security systems;
  • no new nuclear weapons (and no modernization of existing arsenals) in Europe and worldwide;
  • no missile defense system in Eastern Europe because this system only furthers the dynamic of armament and confrontation;
  • no NATO operations against refugees.
In the last couple of years we have never been as close to belligerent confrontation in Europe as today. Leading politicians, military officials and scientists of different NATO member states therefore warn about the politics of aggression pursued by NATO.

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists doomsday clock is at three minutes to midnight. It is time to stand up, it is time to protest: the next major war in Europe will be the last one. Therefore, we call on all of you: come to Warsaw and join the anti-NATO-protests at

It is time to say NO to war and confrontation and YES to peace, to life, to disarmament, to cooperative security in Europe.
For the international network “No to War — No to NATO
Kristine Karch, Lucas Wirl (Co-Chairs)


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  1. I agree whole hardheartedly - It is a shame on Canada and our Prime Minister to join in the belligerence of NATO and their war game posturing. Is there no one left in the western world to speak against this and talk common sense?

  2. I also agree whole-heartedly. Canada must not join in NATO's war game posturing and it seems we have without any consultation. Thank you for this blog and links to good analysis of what is going on. Vicki Obedkoff, Saskatoon

  3. Lawrence Klippenstein, Winnipeg, Manitoba2 July 2016 at 18:26

    Somehow I have a feeling the actual involvement of Canadians in Easter Europe will be basically nominal to appease the Americans a bit though it will of course come under the condemnation of Putin and take its place with the sabre rattling of NATO – quite right. I don’t know what to make of it really, except to keep on sending the message that NATO is watching and ready to act if Putin continues anything aggressive. I do not know how it plays into the Middle East Scene although there the US seems to feel a strong need to show a push back of significance to the ISIS people whose(??) acts of terrorism keep Westerners on edge and play right into the hands of Trump whose “I told you so” does appeal to many people as the kind of muscle they are looking for in a new president.

    Peace appeals these days are unpopular for many people, I sense, and just what can turn that around, I am not sure. We will want to keep alert to a very large peace effort that is being waged all the time, though at the moment, seemingly pushed to “duck” and wait for better times, as it were. The Democrats need a strong show of force from somewhere to go into the election as a government not puny at all, but facing the situation intelligently and with integrity. NATO of course needs to show some successes, to remain credible in their eyes and a good part of the general public. Hard to know what is bluster and what is genuine war-mongering (certainly some of it is – but who wants it badly???? I doubt it is Trudeau but he heads up the mouse beside the elephant. and may feel his playboy show days are about over, and some toughness is the order of the day. Who knows!

    Just a comment. Keep up the good work!

  4. Ivaylo Grouev, Ottawa, Ontario2 July 2016 at 18:45

    Hi Koozma,
    here is something from today for you.

    1. The article called 'NATO: War Games on Russia's Border Endangers Humanity' is revealing. The subheading reads:
      'The leaders of America’s towns and cities issued a resolution warning the Obama administration and NATO that continued anti-Russian provocations place humanity at greater risk of nuclear annihilation.'

    2. Gunter Schaarschmidt3 July 2016 at 17:47

      In response to the sabre-rattling NATO hotheads, President Putin has already stated that he is not going to join the armaments race but he has of course indicated elsewhere that Russia is a nuclear power and there is no doubt that he would let those forces go unpunished that try to attack the
      largest country in the world. Indeed, the risk of NATO's brinkmanship is a nuclear war.
      Our Prime Minister does not seem to have the global vision to understand that danger. He had a good cautious start after his election victory but it seems that a lot of recent decisions seem to indicate that he has not heeded Putin's outstretched hand of friendship.

  5. Veronica Makarova, Saskatoon, Sask.4 July 2016 at 12:05

    Dear Koozma,
    Perhaps you could draft some general petition – it is not only Russia, it is Canada’s involvement in the Middle East too. We definitely need a peaceful nation, not a warmongering hypocritical nation.
    Maybe if you draft a general petition, with different instances of Canada’s military involvement and some costs estimates (what we could have done with this money instead examples), and give it to Doukhobors to sign, we can also give it to students to sign, and then you could request a personal meeting with JT and pass it over and talk with him?
    Just a thought – I am too busy to actually do something about it, but I could help, so could the Doukhobors in Sask and in BC.
    Also, there are some stupid requirements to petitions – like they have to have certain rubrics, and information about people who sign them, otherwise they have no “legal” validity. So do you have anybody in the gov who could help you to find this out to lay the petition out properly, so that it would actually be considered valid?
    As far as Russia is concerned, there could be a stance that views on this conflict are very different, and besides immigrants from Western Ukraine, there are also Eastern Ukrainians, Russian citizens and immigrants from Russia who are Canadian citizens in Canada, and that we deserve our voice to be heard too.

    1. Gunter Schaarschmidt4 July 2016 at 15:36

      There is a way of starting a petition online:
      I signed one of those taking up Justin Trudeau on his election promise to remove the community mail boxes - he has not gotten around to it. But our opposition to NATO's sabre-rattling is of paramount importance - he will not be able to ignore that one or postpone his reply.

    2. Sign a Petition to Stop Canada's $30 billion purchase of new warplanes and warships, as organized by Matthew Behrens of Perth, Ontario. Go to

  6. Trudeau is showing his true colours now. Support for NAFTA, TPP, CETA, $15 Billion dollar weapons contract to a Human Rights violator (Saudi Arabia), support for Nato, sending troops to Latvia are actions louder than election promises.

    Along with this we have the CBC fanning the fires by not criticizing these actions. On the Latvia troops deployment, CBC interviews a NATO mouthpiece giving tons of doublespeak that NATO does not want war. Thankfully we still have an internet but the media monopolies controlled by corporate interests are still creating sheep out of the majority.

    Recommend a free book called:
    E-book: 21st Century Revolution by Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall

    One more:
    Time is Short: Reasoning to Resistance

    Peace and love in a world bent on industrial sustainability = an oxymoron

    Editor, Digileak Canada