Sunday, 3 February 2019

Q82 — Does Our Civilization Have a Future?

From a Russian scholar, Moscow, Russian Federation.

Дорогой Кузьма!
Вот и еще один год прошел, пролетел, подхваченный ветром времён. И наступает новый 2019 год - таинственный и немного страшный, потому что жить в этом мире становится всё страшнее и страшнее. Ощущение приближающейся 3 Мировой войны становится всё более явственным. Мне кажется, что мы все никогда не были от нее так близко. Это ощущение постоянно рождает в голове мысль: а надо ли вообще что-то делать, к чему-то стремиться и чего-то добиваться, если все в один момент может исчезнуть, и тогда ничего и никому будет уже не нужно. На меня эта мысль действует очень плохо, хотя вопреки ей я стараюсь продолжать работать.

My Translation:

Dear Koozma!
So another year has passed, it flew by, caught up by the wind of times. And the new year 2019 is coming — mysterious and a bit scary, because living in this world is getting more and more dangerous. The feeling of the approaching World War 3 is becoming more pronounced. It seems to me that we have never been so close to this. This feeling constantly gives birth to the idea: is it necessary to do something at all, to strive for something and to achieve something, if everything can disappear in one moment and then nothing will be necessary for anyone. This thought has a very bad effect on me, although in spite of it I try to keep working.

In 2019, The Doomsday Clock reaffirmed
the "two minutes to midnight" time.
Koozma’s Answer

I agree and have extensively written about our future (list below).

A similar view was expressed in (‘We’re Headed To War With Russia, and No One Seems to Care’, Russia Insider, March 26, 2018).

How can I give hope and optimism to my Russian friend in 2019 when The Doomsday Clock by concerned scientists warn us of eminent danger of nuclear weapons to our civilization, when many politicians continue to rely on NATO to protect their empires, and when the US threatens world peace with its rage for endless wars? With the New Cold War in process, fueled by the military industrial complex and elites drunk with making money from the killing field, what hope can we provide to ensure a real future for humanity? Let’s remember that the former Soviet Union lost over 27 million citizens in fighting the Nazi invaders. We need to respect Russia because it won the war at great cost to protect our world from destruction.

We all need to Wake Up, Become Educated and Act Humanly to save our beautiful world from catastrophe.

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  1. My view is that the feeling of peace first comes from within. Our best tools for obtaining a peace and just world is to speak out wherever we can to point out injustices, change policy to protect whistleblowers, and support those that are less fortunate. The other part of the recipe is to respect the Earth and the ecology by living more simply by biomimicry
    (Copying natures way of returning everything we do safely back to the ecology so others can utilize everything in a symbiotic relationship).

    It is a tall order in a world that has gone technologically gaga without regard for waste. The mantra is "Waste = Food" and everything we throw away ends up back in our bodies as well as in the bodies of all other creatures.

    The worldwide corruption by corporations and the banking cabal is brutal and uncaring. I imagine people living a more simple, more sustainable lifestyle where we build houses from the earth, grow our own food and medicines and have little or no use for money, and live in villages of 150 people or less, then we can live in peace and harmony with our environment and Mother Earth can heal.

    Sounds like a utopian dream, but i am sure our present path does not bode well. Make your voices heard. Peace, love and resistance.

    Kman, editor,

  2. Patricia Palulus, Ottawa, Ontario4 February 2019 at 07:32

    Thanks, Koozma! Precarious times.

  3. Henry Beissel, Ottawa, Ontario4 February 2019 at 17:00

    Thanks for the blog about the Russian scholar in despair over the future of civilization. I can see where she comes from. I too think that the likelihood of Homo sapiens self-destructing is very high. Indeed, with the recent cancellation of the International Nuclear Treaty first by Trump, followed by Putin, the hand on the Doomsday Clock has moved to one-and-a-half minutes before midnight. We are now likely to see another arms race and it's easy to see where that may take us.

    But I refuse to surrender to despair. It's a cheap and irresponsible way to deal with the mounting threats in our world. For every destructive force there is a creative one; for every reason to despair there is a reason to rejoice; for every source of suffering there is a source of ecstasy. It seems, the world of consciousness in which we live can exist only when these opposing forces are in a state of balance, and the creative ones have a slight advantage. That's why I have decided long ago to throw my lot in with the creative forces of joy and ecstasy, Not to do so means making common cause with the destructive forces of cruelty, ugliness and evil.

    One day, the human species will disappear from planet earth, 99% of all animal species that have ever lived have become extinct. There is no reason to believe that we'll suffer a different fate. But we have barely managed a million years so far and other species have lasted hundreds of millions of years. I would like the story of humanity to continue for a hundred million years and more. After all, we are capable of learning, and perhaps we'll come to understand that the forces that lead us on the downward path to destruction are inside us; they are natural forces and our victory over them is a matter of comprehension and commitment.

    Yes, the situation looks ugly at the moment, and I'm sure we'll not be spared a period of great disasters. But I think civilization - another, new civilization that will rise from the ashes of ours - will prevail, provided enough of us confront the destructive forces not in a spirit of surrender but of combat. To survive or not to survive - that is the question: whether to throw our lot in with the ignorant, the corrupt, the false and the selfish, or to take up arms against them and struggle for joyousness, beauty, peace and truth.

    You asked for comments, Koozma. You got more than you asked for.

  4. Stephen Wm. Jmaeff, Texas, USA6 February 2019 at 11:49

    I just read Tolstoy by Rosalind Bartlett. Thank God I was born in Canada to Bill and Una (Konkin)Jmaeff. Russia is truly an evil country do not give up on Canada 99% of the people are good. Stephen Wm. Jmaeff

    1. Koozma J. Tarasoff9 February 2019 at 13:03

      On Planet Earth every country of the world deserves respect! Stephan, how can you bash one nation as ‘evil’? The day of one super power is a thing of the past. We cannot be hardwired to hate another nation, but need to take steps in getting to know the stranger. With healthy competition, harmonious coexistence is the way of the future. Today good relations between the East and the West are vital for the survival and development of our civilization. The fundamental human right of not killing another person ought to be preserved along with the right of not being killed.