Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Get the Veregin Centennial Video for $25

One Hundred Years of the Veregin Doukhobor Prayer Home
Iskra, issue 2144, November 2019, page 17.

The National Doukhobor Heritage Village is pleased to announce that a six-CD recording of the historic 100th anniversary celebration of the Prayer Home, held in 2017, is complete and ready for distribution.

The production was guided by Dr. Veronika Makarova, an Associate Professor in the Department of Languages and Linguistics and the Interdisciplinary Linguistics Program Chair at the University of Saskatchewan. Dr. Makarova also supported the funding of this project through her research funds and the NDHV is exceedingly grateful for her leadership in this initiative.

The six CD documentary includes choir performances, the prayer service, bus tours to surrounding historic sites and other program highlights.

Those who attended this celebration will enjoy re-living the remarkable celebration of toil and peaceful life, experienced through prayer, fellowship, song and food.

The collection is available for only $25.00 for the set to cover handling costs. However, donations are always welcome to continue supporting the work of the Village.

To order this exceptional documentary series, you may: contact the Village at 306-542-4441; write to Box 99, Veregin, SK SOA 4H0; or email ndhv@yourlink.ca.

See event program, history and news:
Heritage Day – 2017 Celebration
Canada 150 / Historic Prayer Home 100 year
National Doukhobor Heritage Village Inc., Veregin, Saskatchewan

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Ron Kalmakoff back in Saskatchewan

This year, singer Ron Kalmakoff returned to his hometown of Canora, Saskatchewan, to visit family and friends; and to produce and promote his new songs and videos dedicated to his Doukhobor grandparents.

Kalmakoff signed albums at the local library.

His musical career began in Canora at age 16 when he entered the annual June Days talent show. That performance helped break his shyness. At 19 he recorded his first album, and so few were made it is now a collector's item. Local radio stations invited him to play live, which led to TV appearances and meeting a few professional country-western singers, and joining a band. He was hooked on writing and performing his own music. At age 24 he moved to British Columbia to learn and work in the music industry.

For his recent album dedicated to his grandparents, Kalmakoff revealed:
"The best way for me to describe the song is, when you start losing generations of your family who have come before you, you start analyzing who you are as a person, .. I had to make it soulful but also channel my Doukhobor roots, you can hear that in certain sections of the song. I put myself in a space while recording where I starting thinking back to some amazing voices and singing I’ve heard over the years from my culture and that helped me connect to the song.”

Ron Kalmakoff news, videos, websites

"Ron Kalmakoff", in Tarasoff, Koozma J. Spirit Wrestlers: Doukhobor Pioneers' Strategies for Living, 2002, pages 86-87. — Biography and photo.

"Ron Kalmakoff remembers his Canora roots," by Calvin Daniels, Yorkton This Week, Kamsack Times, April 24, 2019, pages 6, 11. (Full edition on issuu.com — With ads at kamsacktimes.com)

"Successful area recording artist comes home to Canora," Kamsack Times, October 19, 2019, page 2.
(Full edition on issuu.com — With ads at kamsacktimes.com) — 3 photos.

"Ron Kalmakoff- Ever Since You Went Away" (Official Music Video) Youtube (6 min.) Oct 26, 2019. — Opens with Lord's Prayer in Russian. Walking and aerial images of Veregin and Canora SK Dedicated to his Grandparents, Lorne & Anne Dergousoff, Canora SK, with Doukhobor images and psalm.

"Ron Kalmakoff - What Brings You Home" (Official Mini Documentary Video) Youtube 14 min.) Nov 23, 2019 — In Canora and Veregin, Saskatchewan, Ron Kalmakoff talks about family and visits fans.

Ron's Website — RonKalmakoff.com
Ron's Facebook Page — Facebook.com/RonKalmakoff
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