Tuesday, 20 April 2021

YouTube misspelled "Doukhobor" 68 times

The word Doukhobor was misspelled 35 ways and 68 times in the YouTube closed captions for the USCC Union of Youth video: Peace and Sustainability: How Doukhobor history, culture, and community connects to the Sustainable Development Goals, (22 minutes, March 5, 2021).

NOTE (June 13, 2021) This video was recently taken offline, and is not now listed on the USSC Union of Youth video channel.    

22 other captioned words were also misspelled, and 2 historical mistakes were stated, totaling 92 errors.

For example, in this screenshot from minute 1:30 of the video, Doukhobor is misspelled twice in one sentence.

Correct caption: "I personally identify
as a Doukhobor, and to my knowledge, I'm
a fifth generation Doukhobor Canadian."

Closed captioning “fails” are misspellings of spoken words created by automatic voice-to-text software. These are different errors than the more than 50 ways Doukhobor was misspelled in print by people.

A total of 23 words were misspelled in the online Closed Captioning, and the time-stamped Transcript. The most obvious was how Doukhobor was misspelled 68 times, 35 different ways, never correctly. This means that disabled people probably will not understand the CC text, and anyone searching the closed caption text for the word Doukhobor will not find it.

22 other words also failed to caption correctly. Many are amusing, some phonetically spelled like Dukhoborese. 

To project a serious public image, the captions must be corrected. See links at bottom.

2 Factual Errors Appeared

These corrections were posted in the video Comments, without the links below to the references, because YouTube forbids outside links.

Count 35 different spellings of Doukhobor 68 times in YouTube “Closed Captions”.

Multiple Times (count 49)      Once Each (count 19)
 7  dukabor(s)
 6  duke aboard(s)
 4  dukabours
 4  dukeboard(s)
 4  dukeboro(s)
 3  duke of war(s)
 3  dukeboys
 2  dukabur
 2  duke abroad
 2  duca boys
 2  duke boys
duca boards
duca boars
duke bars
duke boards
duke boars
duke boris
duke of
duke of our

In the 22 minute narration, words were slightly slurred differently, especially Doukhobor. Most of the captions recognized the d, u, k, b, o, r, and s, but scrambled other letters and inserted spaces. As the clarity of voice varied, 6 repeated words (*) were captioned correctly and incorrectly.

22 Other Words
    Tsilhqot'in (Chilcotin)
    Uteshenaya (Ootischenia)   
  a lake
  call illegal
  kovid 19
* 6 words spelled correct and incorrect, depending on voice clarity.

The only solution is to edit your own YouTube video captions.


  1. As a conversation starter, I want that t-shirt! Please advise! LOL

  2. It is sad that we Doukhobors are often so critical that in the end we actually stifle our youth from growing. Sometimes public comments are better made in private so that we do not stifle or diminish enthusiasm. We all make errors and we all dislike having our errors made so public that it takes away from our accomplishment. A Doukhobor is a Doukhobor no matter how it is spelled!! I am disappointed in the above criticism and shocked by the time that was given to this RATHER than giving praise that a young person tried to communicate her enthusiasm on being a Doukhobor when many our youth are not willing or even able to acknowledge their understanding of being a Doukhobor. I am so sad and astonished by your critic and although I believe this was not meant to be soul destroying however I do believe that this young person deserves a sincere apology. Public comments as these were not necessary and stifle growth and learning.

    Sincerely yours,

    a teacher and a fellow Doukhobor

    1. Thank you for taking the "Anonymous" effort to report that you felt "sad", "disappointed", "shocked", and "astonished." Unfortunately you misunderstood my report. USCC Youth only made 2 "errors," YouTube made 90 errors. Look at the Title again, and the definition of CC “fails” (under the image).

      I hope you did not mean that “duke of wars” ... “is a Doukhobor no matter how it is spelled!!”

      Sorry, I cannot give "a sincere apology" to "this young person" for mistakes by YouTube software. The misspellings are not her fault. But they can correct their history.

      I support the effort of these USCC Youth, and agree that they successfully used YouTube to convey an important message, for which compliments and history corrections were posted by other people on YouTube Comments (now off-line).

      My purpose was to educate, mainly to show how by overlooking the YouTube voice-to-text software, their message did not reach YouTube users who depend on "Closed Captioning" (CC), the disabled.

      I don't believe I was stifling the Youth “growth” by showing what happened when they did not edit their machine generated CC. When that step is done, the project will be complete, and they will grow a bit more, and more if they correct the 2 history errors.

      A simple example is teaching a kid that if they want to wear shoes, the laces must be tied, to complete the process. The kid also has to learn which shoe goes on what foot. Similarly, if one wants to use YouTube, don’t forget to edit your CC text.

      I also was a teacher, and gave this project an "I" grade (Incomplete). These students wrote, read a transcript on camera, edited their video and posted it on YouTube [ :-) ] ; but did not edit their CC text [ :- ( ]. I showed in detail that the project is not finished and where to learn CC editing. YouTube cannot guarantee CC spellings or punctuation, and shows users how to edit their own text.

      I chose a "public" comment because I was very amused at the many variations of "Doukhobor" (68) and other mis-spellings, which appear in other YouTube videos, and in movies that don't hire CC editors. All readers (not just Doukhobors) should learn to take complete control of their video presentations.

      I hope the USCC Youth are learning to edit their YouTube CC and will repost the "completed" video.

      To our motto of "Teach the whole student," I add "Teach the whole lesson."

      I mostly taught high school math and science. What did you teach?

    2. UPDATE

      Here is recent research showing the inaccuracy of voice activates software.

      Researchers found 1,000+ words and phrases that accidentally activate 11 voice assistants, like Alexa, Siri and Google, in many languages.

      See details: https://unacceptable-privacy.github.io/